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Cpap & Bipap machine Service

It is very important to get your Cpap or Bipap device services on time. This is important for the health of the patient and longer life of the device. 

Here at Medikonnect we have trained engineers to service Cpap/Bipap machines of all the brands like Philips Respironics Cpap and Bipap machine, Resmed Cpap and Bipap machine, BMC Cpap and Bipap machine etc.

During the service, entire machine is dissembled and every internal part of the machine is cleaned and diagnosed for proper working. 

We provide free pick and drop of the machine with a backup machine as well if required. At Medikonnect we ensure that the machine is handled with care and it works well to give best results to the patients. 

ICU Ventilator at home is a solution to the patients who require intensive care for longer duration. With this solution patient can stay at home with his/her family and loved ones that helps in patient recovery in a emotional way. The solution is  very cost effective for the entire family. 

At Medikonnect we use only branded ventilators like Philips Trilogy 100, Philips Trilogy 202, Philips Trilogy Evo, Resmed Astral 150, Stellar 150 or Philips A40 Bipap machine. 

Get a complete ICU Set up at home at a very reasonable cost. We have a team of trained and certified staff with experience of handling critical patients with intensive care. 

The ICU Set at home shall have all the branded medical equipment like Hospital Bed, Oxygen Concentrator, Five Para Monitor, Two Para Monitor, DVT pump, Suction machine. Bipap Machine, Ventilator, Wheel Chair, IV Stand, Patient food table and other accessories required.