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  • Therapy Modes - CPAP, AUTO-CPAP, TITRATION
  • Pressure Range - 4-20 CM H2O
  • Sound Levels - 30 dBA
  • Ramp - Upto 30 minutes
  • Ramp Start - 4 to Minimum Pressure
  • Ramp Time - 0-60 Minutes
  • Auto On/Off - Available
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  • Therapy Data and iCode: This feature allows the patient to review data from prior therapy sessions through the iCode remote data report and the SD data card memory.
  • Ramp: Ramp operates from 0 to 60 minutes.
  • RESlex PR:RESlex Pressure Relief increases comfort by reducing the air pressure during exhalation, therefore allowing a less invasive breathing pattern.
  • Auto On-off:Auto on-off system without button.
  • Heated Humidifier:The machine comes with a removable Eco Smart heated humidifier (optional). Eco Smart has a dual-chamber design with a Storage chamber and Heating chamber, offering patients innovative and efficient humidification.
  • 5'' Color LCD Display: Large colored display for a comfortable line of sight. 

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