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The Unique Philips BIPAP A40 gives pressure support up to 40 Cm H20 and comes with best in Industry 5 hours battery backup to provide uninterrupted ventilatory support for Tracheostomy and Non-invasive therapy based patients. Comes with the Philips Patented AVAPS-AE technology.

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Philips BIPAP A40 is designed to provide effective long-term therapy for patients suffering from conditions such as sleep apnea and other chronic respiratory challenges. The system is programmed to monitor the patient’s upper airway resistance and adjust EPAP delivery automatically to keep the airways open.

The device simultaneously monitors and adjusts pressure support to maintain TTV (Target Tidal Volume). Set to Auto breath rate, the device adjusts the backup breath rate based on the patient’s spontaneous respiratory rate. With patient comfort foremost in their minds, designers have equipped the BiPAP A40 with the clinically proven Auto-TRAK algorithm with an enhanced leak compensation technology to handle changes in respiration.

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